Welcome to Bookface.

This is the place to come if you're tired of being poked, posted, invited, advertised to, written on, spammed, tweeted, and generally trying to do things with a keyboard and screen that are better done in person.

There is nothing to join, nothing to respond to, nothing to buy, nothing much to look at. You can't make 'friends' here - not real ones anyway. Or lose them.

Just spend a moment reflecting on your cyber life... and then go outside and get on with your real one, for which there is no substitute.
You know it makes sense.

Today is a gift.
Don't spend any more of it typing than you absolutely have to.
Pick up a phone, arrange a time for a coffee, go and see someone, plan an act of kindness.

Or spend some time alone: it is still allowed.

Move along please, there's nothing to see.